May 2, 2012

Just Who Is Throwing Mitt Romney’s Next Fundraiser?

Now that he’s essentially wrapped up the Republican nomination for president, Mitt Romney has been enjoying a flood of big money. Apparently, Romney fundraisers “are now saying many of the big donors that had been staying ‘on the sidelines’ in the primary are coming to their camp and writing big checks.”

Those donors in the Washington, DC area who didn’t contribute to the $86.6 million raised by the campaign as of March 31 (and also those who want to give some more) will have their chance to pitch in today at the Ritz-Carlton in Arlington, VA, where the Romney campaign is hosting a roundtable meeting and evening fundraiser with the former Mass. governor, according to the Sunlight Foundation’s Political Party Time database. The general reception costs $2,500, while getting the chance to take a photo with Romney will set you back another $10,000 (which is four times more than he used to charge before he was the presumptive nominee). It will cost you $10,000 to $20,000 more to sit at the policy roundtable with the potential next president.

But just who’s throwing this fundraiser? Details on the invitations are unclear. For more information, we’re told to contact Gretchen Moss of or Matthew Welsh of the Virginia Consulting Group. It’s tough to find more info on these organizations. Here are screenshots of their websites, for example:

Just Who Is Throwing Mitt Romney's Next Fundraiser?
The Virginia Consulting Group doesn't have a website -- but they do have this Facebook page.


Just Who Is Throwing Mitt Romney's Next Fundraiser?

Don’t worry — your checks aren’t being made out directly to these organizations. They’re going to the Romney Victory Fund, which appears to be paying Moss and the Virginia Consulting Group.

But as to these event organizers, pretty sketchy information. Why?

Meanwhile, President Obama is pushing ahead with his big money events. The Washington Post’s Dana Milbank writes:

According to statistics compiled for a book to be published this summer, the president has already set a record for total first-term fundraisers — 191 — and that’s only through March 6. Measured in terms of events that benefit his reelection bid, Obama’s total (inflated in part by relaxed fundraising rules) exceeds the combined total of George W. Bush, Bill Clinton, George H.W. Bush, Ronald Reagan and Jimmy Carter.