February 3, 2012

JACK ABRAMOFF: Attempting to Repair Our Democracy

Hi, everyone. I’m new to blogging, so this is an exciting experiment for me.

I’ll be posting more serious pieces next week. But, for now, I just want to say how honored I am to join Nick Penniman, Josh Silver, and the gang at United Republic in the vital effort to effect real reform in Washington.

It is a privilege for me to add my insights and experience to their strong and sagacious team and I look forward to working with them to reveal to our nation the way Washington really works.

There is a rising tide of outrage in our land about the abuse in our system. Sadly, in my former life as a lobbyist, I participated in this dysfunctional and byzantine world. But now, in these pages, and with my other efforts, I intend to do what I can as we all attempt to repair our democracy.

So I hope you come back to the Republic Report often, and that you do whatever you can to help broadcast and amplify the good work being done here.

  • Donna White

    Way to go, Jack! I enjoy seeing and hearing your expertise on MSNBC and CNN and will enjoy reading your blog. You offer professional insights into lobbying and how our government now works and critical solutions for rectifying this process. Good luck!

  • Catherine A.

    This is very exciting! I am reading your book and look forward to your blog posts accordingly.

  • Lawrence V.

    I am an ex-american citizen and am now a canadian citizen. I support your efforts.
    I left a law enforcement career in the us after the JFK assasination. for personal reasons. I am glad someone is addressing the
    boss hog coruption in the political system in the us.

  • RUCerious

    Glad to see you on the blog, Jack! Your unique perspective will add a lot.

  • Donna S.

    Good Luck.

  • Jerry Ryberg

    I just recently started reading the Post, not knowing how great it is. The addition of Abramoff and United Republic makes it even better.

  • Don Steele

    Achieving high level of corruption is one thing, holding on to it is another. Our greatest mistake, not our first time for this, has been to allow so much media ownership to so few. Reform media ownership, again, and expect the change we seek to follow!

  • Bruce F.

    I look forward to both political parties being exposed for being complete phonies…

    The middle class has watched both parties sell them down the river in return for the bribes I mean campaign contributions received from elites of both stripes.

  • Jay S.

    Jack, Good luck. Our country needs all the help it can get on shining the light on corruption, fraud and self serving interest.

  • ARE YOU PEOPLE KIDDING?? You must have paid these clowns to post nonsense as “Glad to see you on the Blog, Jack.” They’re probably made up because no one in their right mind would read anything you have to say or write.

    Your new epiphany of morality does not qualify you as the NEW Batman of D.C exposing the TRUTH about anyone doing anything. You, Delay, Rudy, Scanlon, Volz and the MANY MANY other disgusting criminals should be forced to clean toilets on Indian reservations ~ FOREVER!! Now that’s a worthy vision.

    This blog is a web crime!!

  • scott

    Good luck. I hope to read more of your work in the future. While the past is not always pleasant , I believe each of us can use what we have learned for a better day . Peace, I bid you peace.

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  • Catherine

    Its nice and refreshing to see so many of you guys,I mean your former profession, now actively working to expose the corruption!!!

  • Patrick Dunn

    Being a Crook is ingrained in your soul. Once a crook always a crook. I will look forward to you finding someway to you using the internet to run your next scam. Most people like you don’t even do It just for the money they do it because they want to you serial con men are like a Ted Bundy who killed because he liked it.

  • readerOfTeaLeaves

    An observation to those who showed up to lodge insults: I’ll judge Abramoff by what he contributes to cleaning up US politics.

    In the meantime, unlike the predators on Wall Street, he has ‘done his time’. And that’s more than can be said for a whole lot of people who wrote and sold bogus CDOs.

    Given the state of the American political dysfunction and ineptitude, anyone who can help shed light is forward movement. If Abramoff can assist, then so be it.

  • Tony

    I’m with readerOfTeaLeaves on this one, having seen Jack A. describe his current view of self-purpose in an interview. Contrition and regret is expected and he has paid for his crimes, at least as far as the rule of law is concerned.
    Only time will tell if he is indeed contrite and serious about educating the public, as only he is capable, regarding the intricacies and fundamental incestuous graft long built into our body politic. I am more harshly critical of those political players that profess integrity and ethical behavior while they plan, legislate and vote to continue the status quo in order to satisfy self-interest instead of public duty – give him a chance. I am interested to see what he reveals and suggests to change the clearly broken and poorly understood practices that he knew only too well.

  • mick

    Hey Jack ,tell us the how,when and why Mohammad Atta was on your Casino ship with you .

  • John Allen

    Hey Jack. Can you shed some light on how bush politicized the justice department to target political opponents?

  • Greg Torres

    Jack I trust you! You did alot of things for alot of different kinds of people in your life because of a god given talent. We need you to help us get the money out of Washington for the good of our country! God gave you a talent. He is watching you. You know it. So dont let him down.

  • YellowDog

    A shot at redemption?

    I wish you the best of luck. If FoxNews turns on you I will know that you are doing your job.

  • Howard

    Welcome aboard…
    Thank goodness you chose a fine site like this and not a rag sheet like the Huffington Post.

  • Who says that people cannot find their way back to the light? Thank you for serving as example of people who can wake up and come to their senses and then make restitution.

    Looking forward to reading more of your posts.

  • I look forward to reading you blogs and hope that you do provide the insight needed on how to cure the dysfunction in D.C.

    I have one question though:

    As a guest on the Peter B. Collins Show to where you were promoting your book, You hung up the phone and ended the interview when Collins introduced the whistle-blower, Tom Rodgers. Why did you hang up?

  • NoGig

    Thank you Jack for now taking a courageous stand on the right side of history. Your insights and education of citizens will be invaluable as the people work to drive the corrosive influence of money and corporations from their elections — and reclaim government.

    Sadly both Hitler and modern politics have shown money — and the propaganda it buys — highly effective in subverting democracy and even convincing citizens to vote against their interests.

    However, the American people are past being fed up. We are determined to reclaim our government — by ballet or even bullets if necessary.

  • [email protected] Point In Time

    Honest questions for Jack. Yes, political history leaves me suspicious and skeptical….
    Why this change of heart? Why now? What is your goal? What’s in it for you? Why should we trust you?

  • Rose Meehan

    I read your book, and I support you on your journey. I believe your innate tenacity and intelligence can make you a great success on this new chosen pathway. Stay the course and thank you for having the courage to make this change. I wish you the best and certainly hope the wind is at your back.

  • Dawn

    Read your book & think you’ve not gone far enough w/how to correct the flawed campaign finance system. As head of federal operations (Nevskaya’s protege seems to have done more harm to herself than me) for the “smart wallet” inventor (www.atp.nist.gov/iteo/biometrics.htm) w/a 2002 papertrail based on merit showing biometric smart card suppliers aren’t worthy of shining our shoes and yet no federal contract, I realized the only correction is pure public campaign financing. Every candidate gets an allotted amount and shows the voters how effectively they work within a tight budget. The best man or woman wins based on their ability to stretch the “mighty” dollar.

  • Lakshmi

    Just wanted to comment that the documentary based on your life has been systematically removed form every website on the internet. The only other movie which is harder to watch is “The Inside Job”, ironically again dealing with corruption in street and the government. Would be nice to have it available to the younger generation as a learning tool-hopefully about what not to do.

    I would like to tell you a story from the Vedas:
    A guru (teacher) in his Ashram decided to set a final test for his students. He wanted to give the hand of his daughter in marriage to the student who passed this test. The guru gave each of his students a ripe mango and asked them to eat the it at a place no-one was watching. All his students except one came back with the mango eaten except one student who came back and said he could not find a single place where someone was not watching. Moral of the story-Please remember-someone is always watching and do not slip back into old habits!!

    “You if all people should know Terry-in your hotel someone is always watching” (Oceans 11, Julia Roberts)

  • Theunclesalshow

    I just watched your interview on RT news it was very interesting saying that .I have read many of the posted comments I can relate to all of your supporters and some of your none supporters. for myself I 100% support your (our) fight to stop all of the corruption in our gov frankly I about given up on our gov and so has the 90% of the people that I come in contact with in my life. You have a chance to truly make a difference for all of us in this country your a smart man most of the people of this country will back you ,you must know that? if you are not full of shit and you will fight for us I back you all the way.Please be for real….DO WHAT IS RIGHT.

  • K C

    It’s never too late. Your story is inspiring. Thank you for fighting the good fight now. You did your time without complaint and you took down a lot of criminals in office. You weren’t even in office. I hate to say this, but when I heard about your case … “I’m shocked to find gambling is going on here!”

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