April 4, 2012

It’s Time To Demand That Coca Cola Stop Funding Corporate Front Group ALEC

It's Time To Demand That Coca Cola Stop Funding Corporate Front Group ALECThe American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) is the most powerful corporate front group you’ve never heard of. The organization, funded mostly by large corporations, writes model legislation and then sends these bills to state legislators across the country. It has successfully passed scores of laws on various issues. It was even behind pushing the law that may let Trayvon Martin’s killer go free.

One way Americans can fight back against ALEC is to demand that its funders stop subsidizing the production of these despicable laws. Our friends at Color of Change have launched a campaign against soda giant Coca Cola, calling on them to stop funding ALEC and the onerous laws it spreads around the country  — like “voter ID” laws that disenfranchise young, poor, and minority voters.  Until recently, a Coca Cola official served on ALEC’s 20-member Private Enterprise Board, but even though Coke is no longer represented on that board, there is no indication that Coke has stopped supporting and participating in ALEC.  Click here to join Color of Change’s campaign and to receive directions about making a phone call to Coca Cola to demand that they stop funding ALEC.