July 3, 2012

It’s Not Just Super PACs: 91% Of Independent Election Ads Have Come From Groups That Don’t Disclose Donors

As the election approaches, the public has been inundated by millions of dollars of television commercials intended to sway them one way or another in the upcoming races. While much of the media focus has been on Super PACs — new entities formed after the Citizens United decision — it’s important to remember two things about these. First, they do actually have to eventually disclose their donors. Second, they make up only a minority of the electoral spending so far.

As Chris Hayes covered on his show this Up! With Chris Hayes this past weekend, only 5 percent of electoral ad spending by outside groups has come from Super PACs through the month of April. 4 percent has come from unions, which also have to disclose. Meanwhile, a whopping 91 percent of spending has come from outside nonprofits and business groups, both of which do not have to disclose their spending. Watch Hayes discuss this spending in the video above.