June 23, 2012

Democrats-Turned-Corporate-Lobbyists Hold Event Complaining About ‘Vanishing Moderate Democrats’

Former Arkansas Democrat Blanche Lincoln has been making her money these days working for corporate interests.

On Wednesday, the Bipartisan Policy Center held a forum on the “Vanishing Moderate Democrat.” To demonstrate this supposed phenomenon, it hosted various self-styled “moderate” Democrats as panelists. But besides this supposed centrist ideology, these panelists all shared one other attribute — they all became corporate lobbyists after leaving Congress.

Here’s a list of the panelists followed by the corporate lobbying and advocacy positions they took up after leaving Congress:

– Former Sen. Blanche Lincoln (D-AR): Lincoln is a “Special Policy Advisor” at Alston and Bird LLP and has helped the corporate lobby the National Federation of Independent Business to fight Environmental Protection Agency regulations.

– Former Rep. Dan Glickman (D-KS): Glickman worked as chairman of the Motion Picture Association of America — which repeatedly worked to restrict Internet and consumer freedom — from 2004 to 2010 and as a “senior advisor” at Akin Gump Strauss Hauer & Feld LLP. He also currently a Senior Fellow at the Bipartisan Policy Center.

– Former Rep. Martin Frost (D-TX): Frost worked for a variety of special interests, including the Alliance for American Advertising. He currently works for the law firm Polsinelli Shugart.

– Rep. Bud Cramer (D-AL): Cramer is chairman of Wexler & Walker Public Policy Associates, which brags that it has “helped Fortune 500 companies, trade associations and other clients impact public policy.”

These Democrats-turned-corporate-lobbyists aren’t exactly impartial observers in the world of politics. It’s possible that they are more concerned that Democrats are becoming more hostile to the corporate special interests they represent rather than they are growing too radical.

  • PCMartin

    In other news, Vidkun Quisling holds an event complaining about “vanishing moderate Norwegians.”

  • CatKinNY

    What happened to Blanche Lincoln in 2010 should be a lesson to all “moderate” Dems who vote with the GOP as often as they side with their own party. She got primaried by a progressive, who she narrowly beat, and then lost in the general. The GOP has become a party dominated by wild eyed radicals who will ruthlessly destroy any moderates in their midsts. If you help them in their mission, you’re going to get taken down by real Democrats, who are tired of the relentlessly rightward, procorporate trend of US policy. If you want our votes, you’d better share our values.

    We are at a point in our national history where we face choices similar to those faced by moderate, sane Germans in the early 30’s. They blew it, and eventually lost everything anyway. It’s better to go down fighting than to quiver in a corner while your country is taken over fascist madmen.

    • Disgusted Wisconsin

      Well said. Very intuitive: very correct. Our future is in our hands. Those Germans were afraid to fight because they were disarmed. Like today, they created a police state where neighbor turned on neighbor for personal gain and “patriotism”. They were exceptional people, the master race. Sound familiar?

      Let’s face it Hitler succeeded at first. The majority of Germany opposed Hitler but did nothing because of his success and his ruthlessness.

      There so many parallels between US now and them then. Democrats have become pitiful. A party filled with people without the courage of their convictions. We don’t even have success now and yet no one will stand up to these punks from within the system. This is truly shameful. Where are the leaders?

      Thank God for the Republic Report.

      • CatKinNY

        Unfortunately, most of the armed civilians in this society vote straight fascist. And those ‘good Germans’ who didn’t speak up in the late 20’s and early 30’s didn’t keep quiet because they were unarmed. They were afraid of being called unpatriotic or Jew Lover, and of losing their precious jobs. Sound familiar? Bill Maher remains the only person to get fired because of 9/11.

        Where are the leaders? In the GOP they are terrified of a Koch funded Tea Party challenger. In the Democratic Party, they are afraid of not being able to raise enough money to run a campaign if they offend Wall Street or big business too much. Citizens United has now made it impossible to mount a campaign without big money backers. We, the people, can’t compete with the billionaires.

    • Truthfairy1

      So very, very true. We are living in an unsettling time. I adapted & incorporated your reply into a tweet – thanks for provocative, thoughtful insight.

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  • elarem

    Politicians-turned-lobbyists also protect their clients from the complaints and rage of angry Americans. Look how long the credit-card industry exploited the American people before anything was done. And even the “reforms” have been prevented from going into effect for a few years. Politicians-turned-lobbyist have never been representatives. They have always been manipulators and exploiters. The government overflows with them.

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