August 2, 2012

Corruption #2 Issue for Americans

Corruption is a top issue for Americans87% percent of Americans find, “reducing corruption in the federal government,” to be “extremely,” or, “very important” according to a new Gallup poll on American’s top priorities for the next president.  This is the #2 issue, following only job creation.

Corruption in government usually ranks as an important issue when it is asked about specifically, though it is not as top-of-mind as jobs or the economy.

Particularly, corruption does less well in polls when respondents are asked to volunteer priorities.  However, only 2% thought corruption was not an important issue.  In addition, corruption, like job creation, is one of the few issues that supporters of both presidential hopefuls prioritize the most.

Corruption is a bipartisan issue

This poll comes at a time when SuperPACs, non-profits, and other outside groups hold increasing sway over the campaigns.  And half of that SuperPAC money comes from 22 donors.  Amid new FEC guidelines for disclosure, outside groups openly tout their ability to get around the rules.  Our current campaign finance system and Congressional deadlock has American faith in Congress plummeting to historic lows.

Still, while Americans see corruption as a top issue, it is unclear whether either candidate will make it a key issue in their campaign.  So far, both candidates have made their ideas for the economy along with attacks on their opponent’s ideas for job creation, the centers of their campaigns.  It is likely that the campaigns will continue to build on this message, but this poll indicates that a campaign willing to incorporate government corruption has waiting the wide, bi-partisan support of the American public.