February 6, 2012

Anti-Occupy Wall Street Lobbyist Whines That Disclosure Laws Sound Like “Big Brother”

Clark Lytle Geduldig & CranfordK Street has been reacting to Republican Sen. Chuck Grassley’s amendment to the anti-insider trading STOCK Act passed in the Senate last week that would force D.C. influence peddlers who collect political intelligence and sell it to corporate clients to register under the lobbying disclosure law.

National Journal’s Influence Alley reports that some lobbyists have grumbled about why they have to publicly register and report their business while others who do the very similar things (i.e. Newt Gingrich) don’t have to comply with disclosure laws.

One of those complaining is financial service lobbyist Sam Geduldig who whined that “having to disclose every contact with public officials sounds like Big Brother.” But if he had to submit to evil Big Brother, Geduldig said, then so should everyone else: “But if we’re for transparency, I guess I’m for it across the board.”

Geduldig is one of the lobbyists behind a proposed $850,000 plan to take on the Occupy Wall Street movement and protest-sympathetic politicians. Geduldig’s firm, Clark Lytle Geduldig & Cranford, sent a memo, obtained by MSNBC’s “Up w/ Chris Hayes” that proposed that one of the firm’s clients, the American Bankers Association, pay for “opposition research” on Occupy Wall Street. Geduldig, who used to work for House Speaker John Boehner, before he was elected Speaker, suggested that CLGC might be able to find links between the protests and George Soros.

  • Gordon Davy

    Apparently, Sam Geduldig can’t distinguish between “big brother” government agents watching ordinary citizens and ordinary citizens watching government agents — and those who get paid for trying to influence them.

    Public servants _owe_ (yet frequently fail to deliver) transparency to the people who pay their salaries. Why do so many ordinary citizens regard Congress with contempt? They see its members as having been bought by organizations with very deep pockets — or by organizations who have been paid by other organizations with very deep pockets.

    It’s understandable that Geduldig resents exposure of his “influence peddling.” But, because of the line of work he has chosen (and in which he has become competent enough to earn the big bucks), he hardly qualifies as an “ordinary citizen.”

    We ordinary citizens don’t have any Sam Geduldigs of the world trying to influence legislators to vote in our favor. (Perhaps we would be better off if we did.)

    Also, quaint as this notion may seem today, we ordinary citizens don’t _owe_ transparency to the people we vote for. We just owe the IRS.

  • Harry Letaw

    By all means, let us bathe America in sunshine! We have been manipulated by these guys — at our expense — far too long.

  • suleiman sweis

    sunshine is corect is the best way for us

  • John

    This is sick, they are proposing to find a link between Soros and OWS. I wonder if the American people are dumb enough to be lead astray by this kind of tactic. I also wonder why we Americans don’t mind these kind’s of actions. We should demand just the facts and send people that would try to subvert this country to jail.

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