July 2, 2012
DC power outage and money in politics
Are DC's downed power lines a product of too much money in politics?

Still Sweating? Here’s Another Reason To Hate Pepco: It Spends Your Tax Dollars Lobbying To Increase Rates For Its Shoddy Services

The Washington, DC, area experienced incredibly severe storms on Friday night, the kind that, with an unprecedented number of downed trees, can only lead to extensive power disruptions — 1.5 million were without power for at least part of the weekend. Yet three days later, 25 percent of households and businesses in the area still┬ádon’t have power — and some aren’t expected to get it back until next Friday (or even later!), a full week after the storm. This is happening amid a record-setting heatwave that isn’t just inconvenient and sticky. 100-plus degree days without access to air-conditioning …

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