January 25, 2013

The World’s Hidden Laws, Free At Last


This article was written by David Halperin and Carl Malamud.   Malamud is founder and president of PublicResource.Org, based in Sebastopol, CA. David Halperin, a Washington DC lawyer, advises the organization. A longer discussion of these issues, and links to the world’s hidden laws, are here

“The rule of law,” Aristotle wrote, “is preferable to that of any individual …. Passion perverts the minds of rulers.” All over the world, for thousands of years, nations have embraced the rule of law — the principle that prescribed rules, rather than the whims of any individual, should govern society. The rule of …

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January 14, 2013

For-Profit College Shuts Down, Leaving Students Out In The Cold

A for-profit college suddenly shut down all its campuses last week, leaving Massachusetts and Maryland students out in the cold.  The owner of the company, American Career Institute (ACI), told me today that the business is closed for good, because its lenders forced it to shut.  Although we don’t know all the facts yet, ACI’s abrupt demise appears to be another window into how lax standards in the for-profit college industry can harm students and taxpayers.

On January 9,  ACI sent a letter informing students that, due to financial problems, all of its campuses would close immediately.  ACI had campuses in Columbia, Silver …

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