Last Friday at the California Republican Party’s spring convention in Burlingame, CA, Republic Report caught up with Congressman Darrell Issa (R-CA), who has been leading the investigation into the massive Countrywide bribery scandal. To Issa’s credit, his subpoena requests have revealed that members from both parties received heavily discounted mortgages, waived fees, and other special deals from Countrywide, the troubled subprime lending company that is now owned by Bank of America.

Before, the scandal was almost entirely a Democrat-only affair. Former Senator Chris Dodd (D-CT) received a discounted mortgage, and the news may have led to his decision to retire from the Senate in 2010. But in the last two months, it was revealed that Republican Congressmen Buck McKeon, Elton Gallegly, and Pete Sessions were also recipients of VIP Countrywide mortgages.

In previous years, Issa has called the Countrywide mortgage scandal a “bribe.” On an appearance with Fox News, Issa declared, “I call it bribes,” and mocked Democrats for not using the term. In a widely publicized showdown with Congressman Ed Towns, another Democratic recipient of a discounted Countrywide mortgage, Issa referred to the VIP mortgages as “an attempt to bribe” government officials.

So, we asked Issa if he would extend the same language he reserved for Democrats to newly identified recipients of special Countrywide loan deals.

FANG: You’ve called the discounted mortgages an attempt to bribe Congressman Towns. Do you think it was an attempt to bribe people like Congressman Buck McKeon?
ISSA: Well, I know you’re quoting something but you’re not quoting from anything I said.
FANG: I think that was from the Oversight website actually.
ISSA: I never said attempt to bribe. What I said was Angelo Mozilo and Countrywide attempted to influence government at all levels. An important detail.

Watch a compilation of our interview and Issa’s previous remarks, calling the mortgage program a “bribe”:

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  • BGlass

    Just another strike against middle class Americans who are working long and hard hours trying to survive to live and pay their mortgages only to have them snatched from them and for their homes to sink underwater.

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  • Tom Kish

    put together a list of the guys who got bribes from country wide and lets all sing it and ask them to pay back the tax payers plus pay fines and have them sent to court to get the same punishment any any one else would get I suspect some time in jail.

  • Cathleen

    Seriously, is anyone surprised that Daryl Issa has different standards for ‘bribery’ when the accused is a member of his own party? That he would sprint away from someone calling attention to his hypocracy and tell a flat out lie? He is the worst sort of party hack; he’s a purely corporatist pol, a very rich business man who cares only about shaping US policy so it enables himself, and others of his ilk, to retain almost all of the money they earn in an atmosphere conducive to the maximization of their profits. What most Americans fail to grasp is that the new very wealthy no longer consider themselves Americans. They are ‘citizens of the world’ and are perfectly happy to get this country to destroy itself militarily protecting their multinational business intrests; when they have sucked us dry, they will blithely move on to greener pastures – places with good infrastructures and citizens with money in their pockets, Switzerland or Singapore, for instance.

    • gasface49

      …Darrell Issa…1 st national “brain-trust”…

  • Anita Eitmann

    this is what I have been saying all along. All of these people who have been in DC so long they can’t do their jobs anymore. It’s one of two things: either they are secretly in agreement with the other crooks; or these bums have so much on each other they can’t do the right thing even if they wanted to. This is why I have been using this slogan for the past year, “Washington, D.C. needs a super, super, super enema to clean all of the hard core turds out of Washington. Our enema tools are our votes. God Bless America and all legal Americans.

    • Erichthinks

      I thought God blessed everybody…

    • Simon Johnston

      “and all legal Americans”
      Wow. Just wow. You really are that full of hate towards anybody not American, aren’t you?
      How about you keep your fairy in the sky, kiddo. And keep your childish religious extremism out of the government.
      And your generalization about all politicians is nothing more than a childish cliche that clearly sounds good to those who can’t be bothered thinking. For those of us that can, your silly assertions are far from reality.

  • TinaLong


  • gasface49

    …March 6 2012. Major republician leaders own a measure mistrust to Sen Darrell Issa (R-Calif) for his conduct during the Sandra Fluke issue. Through his bone-headiness, he’s caused the GOP/Tea Party, and Cardinal Dolan unrest, and to rething many of it’s positions. If listins were learned, next time, allow the women to speak. Now, Rush Limbaugh might be fired. (Hey, that’s ‘Trump’s’ thing)…

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